Bush administration plays down wmd intelligence concerns after CIA chief confirms they’re legit

Bush ad바카라사이트ministration plays down wmd intelligence concerns after CIA chief confirms they’re legit

‘You never know’: New bombshell report shows Obama secretly ordered drone strikes

POTUS’ DOJ, FBI, NSA have been involved in spying on Trump supporters in NY for months

‘I have a feeling that one or more of these men is the head of the FBI’: Law enforcement o우리카지노fficial reveals information about meeting between Trump team and Russia lawyer

Obama administration spy network was behind massive hacking campaign against Trump campaign

Report: Obama administration uses the CIA for surveillance on Trump team, including communications with Russia officials.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The National Security Agency (NSA) and a government-funded cybersecurity company used the FBI’s Internet-monitoring programs to hack into tens of thousands of private cellphone calls and emails between President Donald Trump’s top advisers and Russian officials and American politicians for years, according to secret court filings released Tuesday.

A government-funded cybersecurity comp우리카지노any that provided the FBI and law enforcement agencies with millions of intercepted intercepts for electronic surveillance had no trouble getting hold of the data, the National Security Agency’s top spy chief testified in court Monday.

The revelations add to a growing picture of the Obama administration’s efforts to undermine Trump’s presidency through spying and Internet spying. But some legal experts say the disclosures give a rare glimpse into the depth of government spying and spying on Republican lawmakers as well as Trump himself — without the use of court order.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said the Justice Department’s National Security Division has already seized records of emails, phone calls, bank transactions and bank transfers from Trump campaign officials and a number of top members of his administration.

Investigators, he said, also found a massive leak of documents to media — documents on how the Obama administration spied on Americans overseas.

Sessions said that since taking the helm last month, the agency’s cyber division had discovered an unprecedented cyber attack “that was being carried out by a foreign power,” and had tracked down and arrested a senior Russian intelligence official to determine the nature of the attack. He declined to identify him or to give the name of the operation, and he did not respond to interview requests from The Associated Press.

Investigators at the NSA have searched the agency’s cyber unit since 2008, the AP reported last month. Among the documents reviewed by the FBI is a 2012 file of intercepted emails sent to the Democratic National Committee, and also to Trump’s transition team from an employee at the intelligence agency’s Virginia unit.

The NSA also searched FBI files lookin

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