Origin interview darren lockyer: Do you think you may become a doctor because of this

Origin interview darren lockyer: Do you think you may become a doctor because of this? If you do, would you be open to treating cancer patients?

David Ley: I바카라사이트 think I would be open. But then you’re making some basic assumptions about that patient that could be wrong, just as you’re making assumptions about somebody who has cancer. But there’s no reason that someone would assume that someone with cancer doesn’t have health insurance. If a doctor believes that, then we shouldn’t let you treat anybody with cancer – we should just stop treating them.

JT: And I assume you wouldn’t want to treat someone with cancer? If someone does have health insurance, do you think you would treat them?

DL: Well, I think I would be open to treating people. I don’t think we should be discriminating against anybody by the way we care for them or whether or not they get treatment. In America, people who are sick should not face prejudice.

But I don’t think I would be tjarvees.comreating anybody. I’ve treated everybody. And I guess because I’m so used to treating people and then being the expert for people, it becomes a little hard. But I don’t think I’d be treating anybody.

JT: If somebody is diagnosed with cancer and you treat them, would you think it’s worth it?

DL: Well, then you’re discriminating against patients who’ve been cured, who’ve been alive. If I’m going to die, I hope I do it in the safest way possible, 우리카지노because I know death is terrible, too.

JT: If someone in my house died, then should I treat them?

DL: Of course I would. I’m an expert in my own right, though. If I was a patient in your house and suddenly your dad was dying, I would, but I would not. We’d just have to wait a little bit to see how things go.

JT: Because I’m not a doctor.

DL: No. Well, you’re one, and you’re right about that. And if someone comes into your house and you’re not in the room and he’s like, Oh no, you know, I don’t care and he has cancer or something. [Laughter] I’d let it go, but because you’re being an expert, I don’t think it’s right. If he’s dying, then your dad died before you started working at that restaurant. I’m not goin

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