Court hears stabbing was in self defence because he was ‘not being attacked’

Court hears stabbing was in self defence because he was ‘not being attacked’

The alleged victim testified that he and the other boy were sitting on the roof watching TV when one of the boys yelled out: ‘F*** you!’

“As soon as I heard that word I knew the next person I was going to meet would be on TV, and that would be me,” the victim told court.

The man’s brother heard the man scream: ‘F*** you and your bloody moustache!’”

The defendant also said he had fought off the boy with a broomstick.

He also denied stabbing another boy because he was ‘not being attacked’.

The jury heard that the man had been living in nearby Brighton and Hove and had no criminal record.

He has a previous conviction for a public order offence – for kicking an elderly man to the ground in 2010.

Image copyright PA Image caption The defendant’s brother Mark told the jury the man’s actions after he was punched were “uncharacteristic of a normal boy”

‘Shocking’ testimony from neighbour

Speaking to the jury, Mr Woodhouse said he believed the victim was likely to testify that he and the others watched TV together but did not fight back because they did not feel threatened.

“They looked down as it was happening because it was a peaceful event,” he said.

“There was no fighting back as they watched.

“There was certainly no mention of someone hitting a boy and they were very calm in the video, but we do need to know who was saying that when, we are talking about a teenage boy who was in love with a 14-year-old girl, I would not say he was trying to attack her, 더킹카지노and she was not the one who was involved in fighting.”

But Detective Inspector Craig Smith said he would take advice from friends, family and 바카라teachers.

Asked whether the girl’s family would have sympathy for them, he said: “We are dealing with a very우리카지노 difficult case here.”

He added: “Some people are understandably not sure how they are going to feel about the fact he is not convicted, and it is unfortunate to deal with a minor being so violently attacked.

“But I understand and respect this is not typical.”

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